Server Now In Beta!

Rundle a posted Nov 22, 14
Alright Guys, It's Here! SolarisGaming Vanilla Server Is Now In Beta! 
Currently the Hub and Survival worlds are open, Creative and Mini-Games are on the way! PLEASE Feel free to invite as many people/friends as you want! I hope you enjoy it guys!
 -Thanks For The Help Xetti, Rachy, and Monk3y
- Server Provided By MineOcity Hosting - Use the code "solaris" to get 25% off your own server!

  • Please Report Any Bugs/Problems Here  So We Can Keep Track Of Everything!
  • Grief Prevention is installed, I recommend that EVERYONE atleast takes a look at the commands HERE
  • Please Keep In Mind This Is Still In Beta, and more features will be added/changed on the website and ingame!
  • MAKE SURE You have a verified Minecraft account on your Enjin Profile!
tomos8 i like this "NEWTORK"